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LEPs essential to re-balancing economy

LEP Network Annual Conference Pre-Discussion: Skills
August 11, 2014
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November 4, 2016

LEPs essential to re-balancing economy

It is clear to me that the LEPs across the country will be central to the re-balancing England’s economy. Whether through the stimulation of Enterprise through encouraging more start ups, the central role that LEPs are playing in the development of Enterprise zones, or the increasing focus and attention that is being centred on LEPs from across Government, 2012 will be a key year for the Network.

My own view is that the national economy is in a far better place than many commentators would have us believe. LEP boards are made up of those that see the positives and they will enthusiastically talk up local economies rather discuss the negatives.

What continues to impress me is the real enthusiasm that all those involved in LEPs display. There is a real passion about improving local economies and an understanding that it is business that will underpin that success.

I have a programme of visits to talk to LEP Chairs and their Boards, and only too keen and willing to come and visit you.

Just get in touch.